Cover Story

A fascinating find for any philatelist, this used cover from Honduras, dated June 8, 1942, offers a treasure trove of historical details. A used cover refers to an envelope that has been postally used, typically without its original contents. This particular envelope features several intriguing elements that make it a standout piece.

The brown 1 centavo stamp commemorates September 15, 1942, although the postmarks clearly indicate a mailing date of June 8, 1942, posing a curious anomaly for collectors. Adding to its appeal, this cover includes a rare American Bank Note Company 1 cent Red Cross stamp at the bottom left, enhancing its collectible value.

The large airmail arrow and the blue 8 centavos stamps, printed by the British American Bank Note Company, are strikingly placed upside down, adding a unique charm. And the censor seal strip hints at the envelope’s journey during a wartime period when Honduras was contributing to the Allied war effort by supplying raw materials to North America for the Pacific, North African, and European theaters.