Naval Ratings Insignia

Yes, in the navy you can sail the seven seas but did you know that you are also issued with a ratings badge to show your specialism? On the left we have one for a special coder in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve in the Korean War while the other two are for a diver 2nd class and photographer 2nd class. These are emminently collectable. Why not kick off your collection at Charing Cross Collectors Market this Saturday….

Operation Cornflakes

One of our stallholders has a terrific bit of philatelic history for sale. Everyone’s familiar with the Hitlerian profile stamps of the Third Reich but few have seen the British secret service’s attempt to undermine German morale with the forgeries on the right. Operation Cornflakes saw these death’s head “FUTSCHES REICH” (Destroyed Empire) stamps used on fake mail created in its thousands and dropped on bombed mail trains. The plan was for this to be confused as the real thing and later delivered to addresses around the empire, thereby lowering morale. Although largely ineffective, it’s another stamp with a story to tell. You’ll find many more this Saturday at Charing Cross Collectors Market. See you there.

Several Hundred Careful Owners

This silver tetradrachm coin of the Seleucid Kingdom minted during the reign of Seleukos I, Nikator, (312 – 280 BC) is guaranteed used. Based on the classic design adopted by Alexander the Great, who knows how many ancient hands have exchanged this particularly fine coin? It is just one of thousands of coins available every Saturday at Charing Cross Market. Begin your collection or enhance an existing one. 
Every Saturday 7am to 3pm.