Chuting Stars

Today we feature a scarf made from American camouflage silk cut from a parachute. This type of fabric was used by troops dropped behind enemy lines during World War II. Unlike the regular white parachutes used by diversionary forces, these camouflage chutes provided better concealment once on the ground.

It became common practice among special forces to cut a piece from their first jump chute and wear it as a necktie or scarf. This tradition symbolized their service and the challenges they faced. When purchasing a piece of wartime chute fabric, collectors should look for irregular shapes and joins, as parachutes were made of long thin triangles with many seams, never using white thread.

Though some camouflage parachutes were used in the Korean War, their use dwindled by the 1950s. These scarves and pieces of fabric are more than just items; they are pieces of history, reflecting the bravery and resourcefulness of the troops who wore them.