Two postcards from 1901

Photographs in the early 1900s were often printed with a postcard reverse so they could easily be sent by mail. This one features a poignant portrait of an elderly woman, evidently named Belinda Woods, dressed in a practical and worn outfit, suitable for outdoor work. She stands against a backdrop of dense foliage, holding a wicker basket and a walking stick, presenting an image of resilience and a life of labor.

On the reverse of the postcard, a handwritten message addressed to Mr. M Shaw c/o Mr. Doyle’s East End, Oxford reads: “My dear nephew just a line to ask you if you have got your stockings yet? I not should like to know no more this time, from aunt.”

The other card, also from 1901, shows the Shire Hall & Institute in Worcester. Although cards like this have topographical value, they are much less likely to be one offs like the one of Belinda Woods.