Pre-digital Picture Messaging

While the advent of email and social media has inevitably displaced picture postcards as most people’s default way of communicating with friends and relatives back home, interest is growing in the medium partly because of its value as a window on the past. While most collectors are primarily interested in a postcard’s rarity or the image it shows, one man is specialising in the personal micro-histories they reveal.

Through his Twitter account, Tom Jackson posts a classic postcard from a half century ago which shows just how much, or how little, we have changed. His book of the same name is a compendium of some of the best and is in some ways as good a social history of who we were as you are likely to read. His website is at

In the same spirit, we’ve sourced a few classics of our own….

“Lovely lunch by the seafront – although the rock buns lived up to the name.”
“Bruce Forsyth was a hoot – Glad nearly wet herself!”
“Funnily enough, we had quite a little drama of our own with a theft overnight.”

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