Hammered Coins – Anthony Travis – Coins and African Monetary Items

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Hammered Coins of England as the title suggests deal in some very specialised coins from William the Conqueror through to Charles 11- although Tudor and Stuart are their main interests. Some beautiful portrait pieces of Henry V111, Elizabeth 1 and Charles 1 are always on show, including rare siege pieces of the Civil war and Cromwellian England. Also a keen interest in coins of the Crusades and some ancient coins going back to 4/500 years b.c. are always on show. Run by Tony Travis who’s passion for these coins goes back to childhood regards this as his showcase for customers who come from all over the world to see him.

Also on show Tony’s collection of ancient African monetary items (EthnographicMoney.com) These items go as far back as the 15th century. At this time copper was the ‘red gold’ of Africa and European and Arab traders took their currency (rods of copper) and traded these for items as varied as gold and precious stones. A lot of these items are unique as they were often decorated by hand so that no two can be the same. Trade items such as Slave manillas (used to purchase slaves) which were made in Europe and taken to Africa can also to be seen. Some items of African art, statues, bronzes and cloth are also here.