South Hailsville School Agate Road, Canning Town, London – September 1940

Michael and James Burroughs from ‘Anything Military’ are exhibiting a bronze hand bell from Agate Road School at the market this week. Measuring approximately 10cmx10cm

The dockside school suffered the biggest single loss of life in the Docklands when over 600 children died in the bombing of the docks in September 1940. This event was kept out of the news for 70 years because,at the time, it was decided not to evacuate the dockside community of Silvertown and North Woolwich as it was decided that it would be bad for morale. Evacuation was eventually carried out in secret after this tragic event.

January’s New Intake!

This month saw the arrival of John Barrett to the market! John specialises in Ephemera with a passion for press photography dating around 1930 and 1940s/2nd World War Era.

John has been working in the world of Ephemera for the past 12 years and has accumulated a broad knowledge of his subject. When asked, John described himself as ‘the GP rather than the specialist’ to Ephemera. His stall is definitely worth a visit; here a just a few examples of what he had to offer this week:

John Barrett

John Barrett can be contacted on 07711 556908.

Queen Mother and King George VI during a royal engagement

Queen Mother and King George VI during a royal engagement – you can see a young Princess Elizabeth hidden in the crowd on the right-hand side.

Father, Lance Corporal King of the Dorsets, arriving back from war for Christmas

Father, Lance Corporal King of the Dorsets, arriving back from war for Christmas: Being welcomed by his wife and 3 children (4 December 1934).

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all Dealers and Collectors!!

Looking forward to 2018 bringing in a new chapter in the history of Charing Cross Collectors Market starting with the installation of new signage during the month of January. This will make the access to the market far more visible to assist you in locating us.

This year we are pleased to confirm that we shall be keeping you all updated on our planned activities on the blog section of our website on a fortnightly basis. Our first initiative is to feature one of our stalls, providing some useful and interesting information on the items being offered together with relevant links.

Happy collecting and best wishes!


Young Collectors Have Fun!!

This was our first initiative to encourage young collectors of coins and stamps to get involved and experience first-hand what is like to take part in an established collectors’ market for a bargain table rental price of £5 for the day for the month. Whilst there was a limited response, those that did take part spent some enjoyable hours mixing with the old-timers in the industry who passed on some interesting and invaluable advice. Several traders gave the youngsters items to add to their collections to enhance their table displays. One of our young visitors, Leo. even managed to take home £75!
In the future, we are looking into the possibility of repeating this initiative which will also include other areas of collectables in the market – if you are interested in taking part please do hesitate to call.


Coins R Us – stunning rare coins available from Hammered Coins of England at Charing Cross Collectors Market


Just a small selection of what’s on offer from our dealers at Charing Cross  Market!

Charles 1 half pound (weight 58 grams) a huge coin minted during the Civil war period this one dated 1642 and minted in Oxford. Newark Half Crown made/cut from sheets of silver during the siege of Newark dated 1646.

Edward V1 the boy King son of Henry V111. Cork farthing – an extremely rare coin one of the four cities of refuge during the Catholic rebellion and dates to 1647. Beautiful Gold Noble of Edward 111 issued around  1361 these were issued before, during and after the treaty with France. Some bearing the ‘Acquitaine’ legend then resuming the ‘France’ legend later (equivalent to 80 pence) Henry V11(1485-1509) Angel (also 80 pence or six shillings and 8 pence) Henry V1 (1422-1461) Groat (fourpence) A range of coins sold/for sale from HammeredCoinsofEngland at Charing Cross Market.