Georgian chic: a mudlark’s prize

Imagine holding a piece of history in your hand, one that has been slumbering in the murky depths of the Thames for over two centuries. A mudlarker, with eyes like a hawk and patience of a saint, stumbled upon a treasure near Blackfriars—a silvered brass Georgian buckle from around 1750. Such buckles were the height of fashion, a symbol of status, fastening the shoes of well-heeled gents or adorning the belts of society’s finest. This relic, once lost to time and tides, now serves as a tangible whisper from the past, reminding us that the river, much like history itself, keeps its secrets—until one day, they resurface for us to marvel at. What stories could it tell? Who did it belong to? The allure of the Georgian era lives on in this small yet significant artifact.

Typical of the sort of historic treasure you’d find on any given Saturday in Central London… Where else but Charing Cross Collectors Market?