Marked by History: A Personal Postcard from the RMS Lusitania

In 1913, a passenger aboard the RMS Lusitania sent a postcard home to his son in North Wales. It was a simple gesture, a snapshot of life aboard one of the world’s greatest ocean liners before its tragic sinking. The front of the postcard depicted the majestic vessel, with the sender’s cabin marked for his son to see.

Today, this postcard stands as a piece of history, not just for its connection to the Lusitania, but as a reflection of everyday life in the early 20th century. The value of such a postcard lies not in the low-value stamp affixed to its corner, but in the postmark and handwritten note on the back, which provide a direct link to the past.

For collectors, the allure of this postcard comes from its authenticity and the human story behind it. It’s a tangible reminder that history is made up of real people and their experiences, not just events. As an artifact, it serves as a humble yet meaningful representation of the era and the ill-fated ship itself.