Air Crew Brevets

Some more niche items which are a cut above what you might find elsewhere, these WWII Polish air crew brevets were specially made for them to wear alongside their national badges after qualifying through the RAF. The main image shows them alongside the usual RAF half wings – just 5.2cm long instead of the standard 8.5cm.

The ‘B’ denotes air bomber, the ‘N’ navigator – both introduced in September 1942. In December of the same year came the first ‘S’ – issued to wireless operators. Other designations were AG – air gunner, RO – observer radio, E – flight engineer and M – meteorological observer.

An interesting footnote concnerns the air gunner half wing. When this was sent to the king for approval, he noticed that it had thirteen side feathers. In His Majesty’s presence, this top feather was cut off, signed and approved by the King himself. Therreafter all other half wings had twelve feathers.